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JamBoree Mas - Caribbean Carnival Mas Band

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JamBoree Mas designer Bl Designs is your go-to for all your costume needs! We design and create costumes year-round for various events. We also provide assistance to ensure that your photo shoots run smoothly. Let us help you stand out at your next event!


About Us

Jamboree Mas Featured in Fashion Avenue News Magazine
Bl Designs designed feathered head piece for dance team

JamBoree Mas, Inc. is an Atlanta based mas band. Since our inception in 2012, As an organization, JamBoree Mas mission is to promote and educate our community on the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean. JamBoree Mas has not only participated in Atlanta/Dekalb Caribbean Carnival and Miami Broward Carnival.  We have opened fashion shows such as VI Caribbean Catwalk –NYC, Fashion on The Hudson, and Global Winter Wonderland.  JamBoree Mas Inc was also featured in the September 2013 issue of Fashion Avenue News Magazine.

JamBoree Mas specializes in designing and creating unique Caribbean Carnival costumes for clients under Bl Designs. We are passionate about celebrating Caribbean culture and we believe that our costumes and performances are a reflection of that passion. JamBoree Mas is proud to share its vision with Carnival enthusiasts from around the world!


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